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The Healthy Skin Test

Dr. Boulos is passionate about skin! Our Healthy Skin Test is a simple form designed to enable our skin therapists make a skin analysis based on your answers and find out what products your skin needs, in order to give you a personalized recommendation. Our test will guide you to a suitable skin care routine, based on your needs and your skin care goals. The test is free of charge and our recommendation will be ready within 24 hours.

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What effects are you looking for from your skin care products?

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Is your skin:

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Do any of these options apply to you and your skin? Click all that apply.

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How much do you prefer to spend on your skincare routine?

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Are there any brands you have tried and liked or disliked? Add one or more brands in the text field below.

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What is your age?

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Almost finished!

Our skincare therapists will soon commence with their analysis of your skin test, but first we need your details.